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Jul 06th
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5 Reasons N.J. Flag Sculpture Causing Controversy

flag052609_optBY BOB HOLT

Share on Facebook!A brick American model of the American flag intended to show the Stars and Stripes waving in the wind has brought questions about flag code and protocol.

Naval veteran of the Vietnam War, Frank Seder, was the artist who created the flag sculpture. The sculpture sits on a path in Veteran's Memorial Park at Oak Valley Elementary School.

But the bottom of Seder’s artwork actually rests on the ground.

Some veterans believe that violates flag etiquette. "If a flag touches the ground, that flag is supposed to be cut up and burned and a new flag put in its place," said Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran John Brubaker said, according to Fox 51 WOGX. "You pretty much just dishonored that veteran right in front of him.”

Other reasons for controversy have arisen. WTXF Fox 29 reports that people walk over the flag and kids ride their bikes and skateboard on it because of the flag’s upward sloping corners. Army Ranger Jim Ramer has said that he's seen dogs relieve themselves on the American flag sculpture.

Veterans of Foreign Wars guidelines for flag etiquette do not describe a code for when a flag is used in artwork, according to NJ.com.

Deptford officials said they plan to put a fence around the statue until the next town meeting, slated for Sept. 9, and hope to resolve the situation then, WTFX Fox 29 reported.


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