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Jul 05th
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Study: Men's thoughts of sex and food are a roughly even divide

sexsign112911_optBY BOB HOLT

Researchers from Ohio State University have put the long standing theory that men think about sex every seven seconds to bed. Or wherever they choose to do their research.

Professor of psychology at Ohio State Terri Fisher had study respondents fill out a questionnaire asking how many times they thought about sex during an average day. According to, results found that women think about sex about 10 times a day and men 19 times a day.

The prevailing theory of every seven seconds for men would have meant that they had over 8,000 thoughts about sex in 16 hours of being awake. Clearly guys are deeper than that.

There is a lot of important work going on in a guy’s mind. Like thoughts of a sandwich. The study showed men thought about food about 18 times per day and sleep almost 11 times per day. No results were reported on Nascar or the NFL. Meanwhile, women’s thoughts were about 15 a day for eating and 8.5 for sleep, according to

There were 283 college students aged 18- 25 involved in the research; 59 were assigned at random to record their thoughts about food, 61 wrote about sleep and 163 about sex. Each student in the sexual section was given a counter and told to click it for every sexual thought, activity, fantasy, erotic image, sexual memory or arousing stimuli.

Fisher believes the best way to predict someone's frequent thoughts about sex was through their comfort level with sexuality. She said, according to Mail Online, “If you knew one thing about a person to best predict how often they would be thinking about sex, you'd be better off knowing how they felt about sexuality, as opposed to knowing whether they were male or female.” reported that some common sex drive issues can be stress, parenting, not enough sleep, issues between partners, medications and alcohol. But they say it isn’t necessarily true that women only consider sex if the candles are scented just right, and their partner has done the dinner dishes ahead of time.


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