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May 05th
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N.J. teen's quest: Make Easy-Bake Oven appeal to boys, too

Easybake_optPAM LOBLEY

Four-year-old Gavyn Boscio wants an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas.  His big sister, McKenna, an eighth grader from Garfield, New Jersey, went shopping for one.  She discovered that they only come in pink and purple, with pictures of girls all over the box.

Why, she wondered, can’t this oven be a gender-neutral toy?

As reported by the Associated Press, McKenna started an online petition asking Hasbro Toys to make the toy in neutral colors and featuring boys on the packaging.  She has 30,000 signatures.

This would seem to be a no-brainer.  Male chefs and restauranteurs are as prominent and rich as NFL football players these days.  Cooking is not just for women anymore.  Actually, it never was.

My husband loves to cook, and so do my two sons.   When they were little, we never had an Easy-Bake Oven, but some company did make a toy grill, and I have seen that in homes and playrooms.  It seems very popular with boys and girls alike.

Hasbro sent McKenna a letter which basically said that boys already play with the oven.  They don’t seem moved to change their marketing, at least this time, and McKenna was disappointed.   Well, corporations move slowly, but I am sure they will adapt to this suggestion if it means more sales.   And now that we’ve all agreed boys love to cook, I say let’s get them cleaning, too.  Here are some suggestions for toys for next Christmas:

Turbo powered vacuum cleaner – let the kids get addicted to vacuuming at an early age with a remote-control canister-vac that’s shaped like a rocket launcher.  Three speeds and a really loud motor.

A double-barrel feather duster – this would work kind of like a leaf blower, but instead allow you to dust all over the house, even those hard to reach places.  Did I mention it’s shaped like a rifle?

Sand-blaster dishwasher – washing the dishes by hand has never been so fun and easy.  And it’s shaped like a bazooka.

Not everyone loves to cook.  What about a product for those kids who don’t really want to think about dinner?  The Easy-Take Oven.  It’s shaped like a phone, and you call for take-out.

About Pam Lobley:

Pam Lobley writes the “Now That’s Funny” column.  Check out her blog:  Better Living Through Chaos! Follow her on twitter @plobley.


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