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May 22nd
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Halloween costumes 2011: Best ideas

anthonycaseymask102811_optBY BOB HOLT

The scariest time of the year will be here before you know it-and I’m not referring to the coming elections. Halloween is coming, and other people besides politicians will be coming to your door looking for handouts.

You figure to see your share of “Jersey Shore” and Snooki, Harry Potter, and even Kardashians. But according to Emmaus Patch, a National Retail Federation survey of the five most popular Halloween costumes for 2011 showed a witch, pirate, vampire, zombie, and Batman.

Not all of the costumes today are of immaculate taste. HalloweenCostumes.com has released their list of the most controversial Halloween costumes for 2011. The list includes a zombie Osama bin Laden, dead celebrities, Charlie Sheen, a character known as Anna Rexia, sexy adult costumes based on childhood characters, and politicians.


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The International Business Times reports that some are accusing Anna Rexia of glamourizing eating disorders. The costume contains a short dress featuring the image of a skeleton, a belt made to look like a tape measure, and the label of "Anna Rexia." Their dead celebrity files feature an Amy Winehouse wig, Michael Jackson, Osama Bin Laden, and possibly even Steve Jobs.

Meanwhile, costume ideas for women this year suggested by the Huffington Post include a mail order bride from Fed-Ex, a Firefox, a paper bag princess, works of art, a rose, and Rachel Ray. As in half of each.

Popular children’s costume ideas from Fox Business include superheroes, princesses, Monster High costumes, and a zombie teen prom queen Halloween getup.

According to newsnet5.com, you can get a good, cheap costume at your local Goodwill. News Net's Stacey Kay found a leather trench coat in their Halloween section, and started a Dick Tracy detective costume. She found a hat, pants and a button down shirt to go with it, all totaling just over than $20.


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