Halloween costumes 2011: Offensive?

Friday, 28 October 2011 12:47
ww2costume102811_optBY TOM HESTER SR.

Is this the worst Halloween costume of all time as some bloggers are describing it? Probably not.

Is this a costume that anybody under the age of 65 will recognize when the little girl shows up at the front door Monday night looking for candy? Probably not.

New this year, it’s the World War II evacuee costume, an outfit for young girls who are not into princess outfits but imagine themselves fleeing from the London blitz to the British countryside in 1940 or 41.

Actually it’s not usually overly sensitive Americans who are offended. It’s the British who still don’t have a sense of humor when it comes to the Nazi bombing of 70 years ago.


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Halloween costumes 2011: Offensive?

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Blogger Nick Douglas, editor of Slacktory.com told the Huffington Post that the United Kingdom has several commemoration days worked into the elementary school curriculum as a creative way to teach kids British history.

The costume is designed for Evacuee Day and for 11.99 pounds, a time-stressed British parent can purchase it — complete with an ID and destination tag pinned to the collar.

The costume is sold on eBay.

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1 Sunday, 30 October 2011 16:49
Twd seem to me that people under 65 had best learn some history. Take a look at the world scene and note the millions of internal and external refuges everything from famine to war to pestilence.

As a late 1930's- WWII era histroian the parallels are creeping closer and closer.
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