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May 28th
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Pet safety tips: Valentine's Day edition

Red-Hot Tip #4: The Hair of the Dog is Doggone Dangerous

Most pet owners know better than to give alcoholic drinks to their pets, say the emergency veterinarians at BluePearl. Yet alcohol poisoning in pets is more common than you may think. A half a glass of wine deserted on the coffee table. A rum-soaked cake left on the counter as you rush off for dinner reservations. These small oversights can be surprisingly dangerous when pets are involved. Because animals are so much smaller than people, a little bit of alcohol can do a great deal of harm, say the specialists at BluePearl Veterinary Partners. Alcohol can cause the pets to experience vomiting, depression, diarrhea, uncoordinated movements and irregular breathing patterns. Sometimes, a pet may slip into coma or even die. Alcohol is particularly toxic for birds, who may experience organ failure when they ingest even a tiny bit of liquor.

Red-Hot Tip #5: A Case of Burning, Burning Love

Sharing a glass of wine by the warm glow of candlelight is undeniably romantic, but remember to put out the fire before leaving the room. Curious kittens and high-strung hounds can burn themselves or even start a fire by knocking over unattended candles, BluePearl emergency veterinarians warn. This Valentine’s Day, don’t let carelessness kill the cat!

If you find yourself in any of these emergency situations this Valentine’s Day, take your pet to your family veterinarian immediately for evaluation. If it’s after hours, 24-hour emergency care is available for your pets in most parts of the country, just like emergency rooms for people. If you’d like more information, visit our website:


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