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Jul 02nd
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Starbucks hits a $7 high for rare Geisha coffee brew

starbucks092911_optBY REBECCA SHEEHAN

Nowadays, Americans literally run on coffee. With hot, iced, latte, cappuccino, mochas and so many varieties to choose from, your head can spin once you reach the counter. With all these options, Seattle based and the world’s largest coffee-shop, Starbucks, has upped its coffee game by giving consumers yet another option to consider when yearning for a cup of specialty coffee.

With caffeine craving customers demanding more premium products, Starbucks added a new pricey item to its menu with a specialty coffee that costs $7 for a grande cup. According to Starbucks spokeswomen, Lisa Passe, and reported by Bloomberg, the Costa Rica Finca Palmilera, which is extremely difficult to cultivate, is the newest addition to the Starbucks menu and is made from a rare varietal called Geisha. With this price point, it becomes the chain's most costly brew.

“We have loyal reserve customers who are interested in any opportunity to try something as rare and exquisite as the Geisha varietal,” Passe said to Bloomberg. “We are now offering more reserve coffees than ever before because of customer demand.”

So you might be asking yourself: What does a $7 cup of coffee actually taste like? Leslie Wolford, a green coffee specialist for Starbucks, talked up the coffee at a tasting event at a Seattle location. She described the taste, in the Huffington Post online, as having the following attributes: "A little bit of pineapple. Herbal complexity. Super-clean. Vibrant. Sparklingness. ... Lush, tropical, hints of white, not yellow, peach."

The rare coffee retails at $40 for a half-pound bag and $6 for a 12-ounce cup. I guess the days of paying one buck for a hot cup of coffee are long, long gone, unless you go to McDonald's. Currently the expensive Geisha coffee is only available at 46 Starbucks locations in the U.S. Northwest and is made with the Clover brewing machine.


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