Starbucks serves priciest coffee drink kid with free coupon

Thursday, 16 February 2012 15:12
starbucks092911_optBY ANGELA DAIDONE

What you are about to read may be disastrous to your health, so if you have a weak stomach, stop right here.

Just kidding, of course, unless you're Logen Warren, the 22-year old student who took his Starbucks order to absurd new heights.

Warren received a free coupon for a free Starbucks drink, any size, with any additional ingredients, and challenged himself to take home the biggest and most expensive order, Yahoo reported.

Mission accomplished.

The end result was a super-large, super caffeinated concoction to the tune of $23.60, plus tip for the baristas he enlisted to put it together.

Here's what the Texas student devised: a 31-oz Trenta, which Starbucks introduced last year, Java Chip Frappucino ($4.75), plus 16 shots of espresso($12), a shot of soy milk(.60), a drop of caramel flavoring(.50), a scoop of banana puree($1), another scoop of strawberry puree(.60), a few vanilla beans(.50), a dash of Matcha powder(.75), some protein powder(.50) and a caramel and mocha drizzle to cap it off(.60).

Warren, who could not finish it, said it was "tolerable, but not good," and reminded him of a "coffee-based health smoothie that will put you in the hospital if you drink it all."


For those keeping count, the drink contained 1,400 mg. of caffeine and an incalculable amount of sugar, which should keep Warren awake for quite some time.