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Jul 05th
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Tattooed Barbie all set to freak out parents

barbie102211_optBY PAM LOBLEY

Just in time for Christmas, there’s a new Barbie! She’s punk! She has pink hair! And she’s sporting some ink.

Yes, Barbie has tattoos, and they’re all over her neck and shoulders. This Barbie also has a weird green pet on a leash named “Bastardino” and skin-tight leopard pants.

The designer of the doll, the Los Angeles based Tokidoki brand maintains that this Barbie is not a toy for children, but rather a collector’s item made for adults. At $50 per doll, it’s certainly not the typical Barbie that I see half-naked and floating in the baby pool at the swim club. Only 7,400 were made; it's only available online.

Mattel has collaborated in the past with other designers for special Barbies. There was a Barbie clad in a full leather cat suit designed by Christian Louboutin ($150), and a Countess Dracula Barbie with a deep-V dress, designed by Bob Mackie ($150).

Some parents of course, have expressed outrage or concern about this punk Barbie, but let’s face it — we parents are always expressing outrage and concern. It’s how we unwind after long day of carpooling. This time, though, the outrage escapes me. I have seen many mothers and fathers who have tattoos. Are we suggesting they are bad parents? Tattoos are OK for real people, but not for Barbie?

I feel kind of bad for Barbie. She’s always getting criticized. She’s too sexy, or she’s too submissive to Ken, or she’s not appropriate for younger girls. Can she help it if her figure is anatomically impossible for a real human to achieve without surgery?

Maybe Mattel needs to make some Barbies that parents will love; Barbies that take themselves way too seriously and think lipstick is for bimbos. Perhaps, for example, Peace Corps Barbie, who goes and hands out mosquito nets to malaria-ridden areas. She would wear jeans and an old tee shirt. How about Compost Barbie, who grows all her own organic produce? She would wear jeans, a tee shirt and a do-rag on her head. How about Blogging Barbie, who started her own website and makes $50,000 a month in advertising? She would just wear sweats and an old tee shirt, because she spends all day at the computer.


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