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Jul 06th
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Sorry, I really don't see that comment as racist. The rope comment I took as hanging the old fashioned way in the gallows- white criminals got their punishment that way back in the day too. Not just the horrible race-related lynchings. And I could be wrong, but the "obsolete farm equipment" - I took to mean "ho". In any event- a few posters here made some very good points that we are so angry about this, we are making comments that she can try to take and use to claim she's being "wronged", and I agree that no one should go to her facebook page or say /do anything to hurt this case. So true we need to channel our anger at those that commit these unspeakable acts and do more than just get mad, or cry. Fight for justice by doing everything in your power to strengthen these laws. I wrote a long letter and faxed it to the County Prosecutor, and will be writing my local representatives too. And I apologize for my angry comments at you, Kristy.

This is a comment on "I'm a Dog Lover, but NOT Racist"

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