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Mar 04th
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213 acre preserve

"It's hard to imagine that this land was at risk of being developed for new housing.'' If you believe that I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you...West Amwell's real estate market is weak at best. Hunterdon County is losing population. People are migrating back east to public transporation and near jobs, and the developers are joining them. Constructural Dynamics could not sell new construction housing in that area, and they know it. That's why they didn't start the development. They may have told you they bought it to develop, but if you check you won't find any developer building anywhere near East Amwell in Hunterdon County because it won't sell. NJ overpaid big time for this! The real story is they can take other people's property away without compensation in the name of the enviornment in Hunterdon County (Highlands Act) and then over pay big time for others...that the real story.


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