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Jul 07th
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A society on the defense develops a siege mentality!

A society on the defense develops a siege mentality! If our government needs to conduct “aggressive measures” to “protect” us on all commercial flights from potential terrorists, then PROFILE those who follow the mentality of wanting to blow us all up. They all belong to a certain group named moslems! The government cannot conceal who the terrorists are by disallowing us to call moslems by who want to blow us up by who they are, namely jihadists and on the other hand tell us they protect us by tapping, touching and patting little white American children from Iowa and white hair American grandmas from Kansas. We need to wise up and do what the Israeli do, hire smart, savvy security people, which the TSA employees are not. They TSA people have a terrible and intimidating approach when dealing with the public and, to me, they appear sloppy, rather lazy, and have nothing in mind but to take home a day's pay, not vigilantly and astutely seek the terrorist. We are at war, act like we are! Until now, the 67,000 employees TSA have not foiled and stopped ONE terrorist! The Nazis' plan was to rid Europe of ALL Jews, they managed to kill SIX millions of them before they were stopped. If there was no Pearl Harbor and the USA did not join the war… who knows what would the outcome be!? The Moslems have a plan to KILL all Americans, all infidels or enslave them and take this God's country over…the TSA we have today will NOT stop a repeat of 9/11 occurrence, will not stop another moslem jihad attack on American soil! In WWII Jews were simply one step behind the Nazis' final Solution; TSA is like the Jews, at least one step behind the Moslem jihadists…! Wake Up America!


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