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Jul 03rd
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Anna Taliaferro

Anna Taliaferro is an exceptional professional who has dedicated decades of hard work and unyeilding commitment to freeing children and parents from a poor, incompetent, and destructive school system. The State should be investigating a number of present and past school officials who have stolen public funds. Anna Taliaferro is completely incapable of stealing anything from our children; and time will show that these allegations are completely false. All this is is an attempt to ruin the reputation of a woman who has been very successful in educating parents and encouraging African American, Latino and impoverished white children to be better than what the "status quo" requires of them. The state can look forward to being completely embarrassed on this one!

Comments (3)
3 Friday, 27 December 2013 16:15
I ended up an alternate juror but the state was not embarrassed, she should be embarrassed using the hotel fiasco as an excuse to rob the people of Paterson, which is my hometown saying it was a race issue...maybe the hotel was but to use it as an excuse to give your son free reign over the funds of the Paterson public school system was just shameful...he spent over 550K in 5 yrs..160K plus at guitar center alone...and no he was not tried because he did not submit the false bills to the school system .. his mommy did that...they got the right one for sure and I hope she spends her last days in prison..sorry but this is bullshit, they do not even hold the conferences anymore because of this woman
2 Thursday, 17 February 2011 14:43
diamond brown
i love you
1 Wednesday, 26 January 2011 23:50
I doubt it, Anna was a crook! and God just caught up to her.

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