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Jul 06th
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Are you nuts!

Obviously you don't understand that you've taken a sniper and put him in a defensive minded system, and you lost your best playmaker to minnesota. The NHL is where the BEST players in the world come to shine for longterm careers and to be idols to both american,canadian, and mother countries up and coming hockey players alike. The Devils got him cheap, the new NHL hardly anyone breaks 100 point mark anymore. You as writer should follow the game of hockey better, Ilya has played for defunct Atlanta that had no real talent, look at Marian Hossa's numbers when he left Ottawa they went down, now with DET/Chicago they have increased. If the Devils ever decide to be an offensive team then he would flourish, Peter DeBoer has to listen to your special assignment coach Jacques Lemaire so that means you will trap teams forever and you'll take 15-20 shots while yielding 12-20 and win games 1-0 on a fluke goal by Cam Janssen more often then not, it's not his talents or being the traditional lazy russian sniper that goal poach it's your team in a whole. The NHL is also returning to the "clutch and grab" it was before 2004 lockout which depletes goals per game if you knew that, as fans please write articles with facts not so-called frustration in mind.


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