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Jul 04th
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Bad reviews for attention!

I saw Prometheus early Friday afternoon...and it's a definite winner. This reviewer is just another in a long line of unqualified simpletons that can't resist the urge to unjustifiably trash a quality film, so as to sway movie goers away from something that they themselves do not understand. ALL films have flaws. NO film is, or ever has been perfect. Ridley Scott should be proud. All I heard from people before it's release was the fear that it would be an awful prequel. However, myself and the friends I saw it with were all blown away by the effects, android creepiness, and lingering questions that the director leaves you with. Prometheus 2 doesn't sound like a great sequel title, but the prospect of another film is tantilizing. The next time I see one of your bogus "reviews", I will just laugh that I spent the time reading anything that you've written in the first place. Credibility, pal. You've clearly demonstrated that you possess zero of it. So, enjoy your 20 seconds of fame. It's getting much harder to argue the fact that the Jersey Shore tv show (*YAWN*) IS, in fact, an accurate representation of the collective intelligence of that giant-waste dump of a state. Do not listen to this obviously biased "article".


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