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Jul 03rd
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Blue Water Gateway Travel

Received card regarding COMPLIMENTARY cruise for two on any major cruise line (no timeshare or land sale offer). Called to see if this was on the up and up and was told we needed to meet with company representative in Atlantic City to receive our cruise and free airfare. Telephone rep really pushed the issue and told us to call another 800 number to confirm our appointment for Wednesday, 7/13, in Atlantic City to book our cruise and that there would be an initial $50 fee and, of course port charges, etc. were additional. Checked on computer today for address for Blue Water Gateway Travel and was sent to this website for travel consumer fraud. Glad we did not follow through on this and hope all those who have been taken advantage of receive just restitution.

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15 Wednesday, 20 April 2011 19:40
Rada V from NJ
Promotions company took my $498 for "FREE" cruise ( this money is for taxes and fees).
I received forms to fill out date I would like to go and I can't find them any more. phone # 1877-994-6292 and the adrress 1735 market st suite A #440 , Philadelphia ,PA 19103
Is there any way to find those people and take my money back and also to STOP them from stlling people money.their e mail was
14 Friday, 15 April 2011 11:46
We did sign up....sounded too good...should have known....every thing we tried to sign up for there was a reason why we couldn't...but could get something for more we sued. They did not show up...we got a I'm in the process of trying to collect....if no resolve in a few days they will get a visit from the sheriff....wish I was a fly on the wall! Don't get sucked in.....if it sounds too is!
13 Tuesday, 29 March 2011 14:26
It seems pretty reasonable
I also went and bought the membership. I have checked out the website and found some real good deals. I also have a timeshare and I think that this is much better than my time share. I used it for a friend who enjoyed their stay. I just started a new job so I do not have the time to use it yet. I intend to use it soon.
12 Sunday, 13 February 2011 20:05
We got sucked in. Husband diagnosed with cancer so he said we would travel more. I have not had service yet from this outfit. They do not return calls on the condos you inquire about or special vacation packages. Never got the FREE cruise! Something should be done about this. We are senior citizens and did not need to spend this money for NOTHING! Could have booked a very nice trip ourselves to an island or a nice cruise. They all will rot in H_ _ _ _!.
I will seek legal advice but I think it is a lost cause as the contract looks iron clad. I would love to attend one of their presentations again! There are free sites to get deals that are legitimate, I feel so used and stupid to have been sucked into this.
11 Thursday, 18 November 2010 15:31
I went on Tuesday and I'm so glad my husband and I did not fall for the presentation. It seemed to good to be true. My husband also commented that why do they not have any phones, business cards, and they could clear this office it about three hours. The cost for the crusie is 498 for taxes and $100 for air fare. Now, should I send the money?
10 Friday, 10 September 2010 20:43
They are the same people that are using an office in Marlton NJ the so called co name is Travel Deals. It is run by Robyn Bernstein Turner wife of Daryl T Turner. Do a goggle on there name and you wont believe that they are still doing this sh--. There is a web site
9 Saturday, 21 August 2010 18:17
I went to Atlantic City to attend the 90 minute presentation yesterday. Got the free cruise and airline certificate but as per the instruction on it , I need to send the $249 per person ($498 (non refundable)as taxes/port charges before booking the cruise and $ 100.00 (refundable) ($50 PP) via money order for two airline tickets. Once they receive the amount, the company in PA 1735 Market Street, Suite A-440/Philadelphia PA,19103 (Ph: 1877-994-6292) will send us the actual certificate.Ihaven't done that yet as I wanted to search about them online.

I agree with RReds (comments above)and we did not purchased their membership as we were not comfortable with the setup and they had no business cards. I even couldn't find theirwebsite on the internet.
8 Thursday, 19 August 2010 15:38
The rep tried to get me to go to Atlantic City to just go and pick up package. She said I must go there in person to get my questions answered. No way of mailing or sharing details over the phone.
I asked if I need to sit through anything and she lied and said no. Just pick up package and leave.
Thank you for your posts. I will certainly not make a trip to Atlantic City to sit through a presentation. She couldn't even tell me what their website is. Their website is shady!
7 Friday, 30 July 2010 19:36
I bought a 2 week membership a few months ago and so far my husband and I have been loving it. We have saved a bunch of money and stayed at some beautiful places. Bluewater made promises to us as a couple and they have met or surpassed everyone of them. Yes, they are a business. But they seem to be one of the good ones. We didn't even try to use the free cruise. Instead we listen to Mel's advice and booked a cruise through them that was cheaper than the taxes on the gift. All in all I am VERY happy with the company.
6 Friday, 30 July 2010 08:20
RReds comments were very funny. I called after receiving my postcard but decided to hang up after I heard "90 minute presentation" - been there, done that.
5 Friday, 23 July 2010 13:33
Okay, so I went and sat through their "90" minute presentation... was more like 2 hours...anyway the first thing they did was sit me down with a sales rep (Mel) who would try to explain who they are... although truthfully I think our Mel didn't know who they were either. No buisness cards given out, no phone numbers to contact them nothing. After the Mel gave me his overview of the company, as well as his life story, a guy by the name of "Craig" went on to try and explain that the company is not an agent or a timeshare or any of that. That they are the equivelent of like a SAMS or BJ's wholesale club. There are no free trips.. in fact it costs you anywhere between $5995 - $8995 to become a member with $299 annual fee that gets collected. Craig went on with his presentation of how they have been in business since 1995 and have over 189,000 members and the benefits of their service. In the end he said if you are here for the free trip, there is no pressure to buy their membership enrollment and everyone can part friends. Well after Craig was done with his presentation Mel returned to "get my agreement to join"... I politely said not interested and that the costs and questions in my mind simply did not give me a positive feeling. He offerred other packages at lower costs to try and entice me and then came another guy to see why I was not interested. His name was Phil. Now I told Phil the same thing I told Mel... that the financial aspects of the initial fee and annual costs did not feel comfortable to me..I mean after all we were meeting in a meeting room that was reserved at the Bally's Casino & Hotel. In the end they gave me brochures for the free gifts and told me that within 30 days I would have to submit payment for the reserved airline tickets and cruise. For me and my wife this was a Money Order requested of $598 to be sent to a Philadelphia, PA office. Oh yeah they asked me to initial a document that says that they are not connected/affiliated with the company in Philadelphia and that any issues I have with them cannot be held against Blue Water.

I did overhear at least 2 couples who agreed to sign-up for the service. By the way if you signed up for the service they wanted to charge it all via credit card right there or have you make a downpayment via credit card followed by a subsequent payment schedule..

I walked away with the brochures and went gambling in the casino with the $40 I had in my pocket. My wife and I had a better time doing that then sitting for 2 hours for someone to tell me I have to send a Money Order to "Away We Go Promotions" of course I could contact the organization Away We Go Promotions at 18779946292 or via email and they would take care of me. I called the number and they have an address located at 2 Split Rock Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ. But they do not allow walk ins and cannot accept any other form of payment other than Money Order.
4 Tuesday, 20 July 2010 18:36
I received the card as well. I have time to listen to their sales tactics and look forward to listening. In the end I am not buying anything. I need to find out how much the travel taxes and fee's are gonna be. In the end I don't have any money to pay for another "service" in my life at this point. If they try to sell me some service I will politely decline everytime and simply ask for the voucher I was promised. We'll see how I make out. I would accept paying some taxes for services, but want it in writing.

I will update all, as I go on Thursday night to their Atlantic City office to discuss their offer.
3 Tuesday, 20 July 2010 16:45
we got the post card, went to the presentation and bought it. we have not tried to use the airline tickets or cruise yet, but have used blue water for 3 different hotel stays and saved alot of money!

so far have not had a problem or concern with them. lets hope it stays that way.

2 Monday, 19 July 2010 15:50
Received this card today and just setup appointment for 90 minute presentation on Thursday, will not buy anything and just want to see if you still get the cruise. Does anyone know? Someone on another site went to presentation did not buy anything and said the cruise and airline tickets are going to cost about 600.00 total for all taxes and fees. Not Bad if you really do get the cruise. Just want to know anyone elses experience.
1 Wednesday, 14 July 2010 10:52
Pam Godwin
Rec'd same card. I called and have an appointment on Saturday, 7/17/10. Thank you so much for posting your comments. You saved me! I will NOT be attending the so called "presentation." I knew it was too good to be true.

Thank you again.


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