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Jul 05th
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Hey two sides, you're full of crap you know that? You must be related to that scum-bag! I can tell you for a fact that Justin, an innocent 15yo boy, was NOT under the influence. And did he have on dark clothes?? Why was he in the middle of a busy street?? Are you that much of a jack ass??? He was visiting a 4-H fair, it was the end of the night and he was leaving. How disrespectful to rub salt in the familys' wounds. You are cpoming up with every excuse possible to deflect the blame. The plain and devastatingly simple fact is...Justin was hit by a car, a man who happened to be a retired detective and should have known better because he's been trained to deal with these types of situations..but instead he decided to leave the scene (drunk or not) and not render the aide he was trained to give. If he had not fled, it would be a different story. Kids are hit by cars all the time and those behind the wheel STOP. They are usually never charged because the kids run in the street. He didn't stop AND was a former law enforcer....SHAME ON HIM AND ANYONE WHO DEFENDS HIM!

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