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Jul 04th
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Chistie's Intervention at Kean

Governor Christie, in a recent taped TV interview, justified his veto of the NJ legislature's approval of a same-sex marriage bill by stating that he "would never compromise principle for politics." Christie's silence on the documented fraud involving Kean's Farahi, however, and his likely inaction now that the Board of Trustees has called for getting on with business--a position echoed in a Star Ledger editorial--could have everything to do with compromising principle for politics. Dismissing Farahi would discredit the most publicize implementation of Chistie's animus toward teachers and unions at the level of higher education in NJ. Farahi's open contempt for his faculty and his dismissive attitude toward the demands of teaching and scholarship make him a poster president for Chistie's demagogic scapegoating approach to education reform.


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