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Jul 03rd
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Chosen few

The "chosen few" aka Buy Rite. Is a group of mom and pop stores that buys into a name. Each owner owns 1 maybe 2 stores based on the current law. They are no different then Canals or Joe Canals that combine for a total, I think of 22 stores. All owned by possibly your neighbor. None of these stores are owned or operated by a huge out of state corporations. Most of these stores provide service and selection far and beyond what you will ever find at a grocery store. Are you willing to give this up? As Maloney mentioned they like to run national brands as loss leaders to get you in the store Employment; my local store, one of the aboved mention, has about 40 employees and the family that owns it is always at the store working. If they are forced out, by the supermarket, in their shopping center, that is a loss of jobs beyond what will be made up at the supermarket. Supermarkets will have to lay off highschool aged cashiers..........need to be 18 to sell alcohol. Loss of jobs...... Supermarkets will next fight the 3 teir system that NJ has in place and has been ruled constitional in the past. Doing away with the 3 teir sysytem will be another lose of jobs. I have no problem with supermarkets owning 2 liquor license like very one else. i do not own a store but have worked in the industry in the past,retired.


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