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Jul 08th
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Crack the Monopoly?????

Are you serious? You are working for the exact people who are trying to monopolize every thing in the state.. How many bakeries and private pharmacies have you been too lately? You are leaving out one very big important point..They are not giving out more licenses..So if your supermarket wants one they have to buy out the liquor store..So is it more convenient, if you want a six pack after work, to have to go to the supermarket????? I don't think so. The so called liquor stores have done a great job serving this state and them closing down will cost many many jobs as your big box stores won't put on extra help. They will just add an aisle. Also as you may know most supermarket carry what is called the top 100 and that means many, many people in this state will miss out on their favorite wine or spirit because it won,t be carried.. I think it is really intelligent for you to try to sell this as competition but you are leaving out the biggest point. Its one or the other..NOT BOTH.Then ask your readers which they would rather have.. A liquor store and a supermarket or just a supermarket?????


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