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Jul 06th
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Curtis Paper Mill -Milford , NJ

We wish you the best on this fine property. We hope IP & GP will do something with this property , like to know what they will do. Taking $70,000 for the property instead of $7,500,000 will yield little or no property taxes for many years ( $70,000 X tax rate = not much ) It a shame not to get a higher price - pensions will be lost to hard workers and a loss to the town. The town could have help the Mill in the past, help find a buyer, help keep or sell the paper machines and help the employees with the asbestos health problems while they worked in the plant instead of the blame afterwards. You got what you asked for = nothing. Milford id a nice town and you missed the boat. If you run your business like you run your town , no wonder why you are broke. We have no more interest in your town.


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