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Jul 07th
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delusional masses????????????????

Im a historian and 1960 is very relevant and modern, just because something is older does mean it is invalid or bad. Tell me you stupid idiot were the people who lived in 1960 (60 years ago) so deluded and ignorant because they believed in god, that life actually has a purpose and upon death they will be judged for their actions. Chritianity is very real and relevant considering the society we live in was founded upon it. There is no place more important where Chritian values should be taught than a school. What values would you have a children taught in their place. Secularism had killed the western world our nations have declining birth rates, are full of immigrants and our people worship money and other stupid commodities. There is a shocking lack of morality in our society. Yes religion must be removed to a certain extent from politics to avoid denominationl conflict. But one can never rule without a strong moral code. Once Chritianity goes the lot goes just look at Europe today the whole continant is being taken over by Muslim immigrants. Secularism dosnt work. Man lives as if he will never die but the reality is you will die one day. The fact that you put god last is so hypocritical because there is only one certainty in this life and it is, you will die. Chritianity is a religion of reason would teaching children simple tenants such as the ten comandments really do harm. Love is what matters the most.

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If people want their kids to be taught about God in school, they have the right to send them to what is called a PRIVATE school, or homeschool them. They will learn good grammar and punctuation there as well. Schools can teach good MANNERS in the classroom. They don't need to teach Christian values-that is up to the PARENT. Good manners will make good kids.
Something told me prior to reading your comment that I should have counted the question marks at the heading of your article. That would have been enough to designate you as a moron and I should have saved those few seconds that it took to read it; and now I'm even wasting more time to make this comment that won't have any bearing on what you know and say in the future.

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