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Jul 07th
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Disappointed in Daggett

The Daggett campaign had a chance to really show voters respect while addressing the issues and proving that only one candidate is qualified for governor. Instead, he gave us slapstick and very little of that considering the amount of money Daggett got from the state. I do not mean to ridicule his efforts because an independent could have done something amazing, but it seems Daggett gambled on people taking notice of media stunts that are lame by New Jersey standards. Daggett should have put every dime into delivering a simple, serious message! Instead, he burned through a million dollars in taxpayer money and has nothing to show for it. Daggett's lack of television charisma would have worked if he were speaking seriously, but alongside two look-alike actors he comes off like someone who is out of touch, arrogant and self-indulgent running on the slogan "New Jersey needs a nerd." It would be one thing to demonstrate you are smart, but something else to tell the public you are smarter than us. When Daggett clowns around on TV, it is hard to take him seriously -- and the saddest part is that we really need someone to take off the gloves and get to work. Daggett could have modelled his effort on Andrew Sheppard in "The American President" but he came across more as Steve Urkel, from the TV comedy sit-com Family Matters. Mr. Daggett, if you are reading this: "You obviously have depth and experience in public policy but you know nothing about waging a political campaign and losers do not get to govern."


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