doctors son

Thursday, 29 July 2010 00:50
The doctors son is right. Obama is taxing the middle class and upper class to death to support his radical spending. He spent more money in his first 6 months in office than every US president combined. Its uncontrollable radical spending and the absurd taxing that follows. Since when has it been ok in america for the government to buy business and eliminate competition? Its a democracy turning to socialism under a liberal celebrity. Every one loves this guy but no one can give a legit reason why. The woman below is saying she wants his babies. And another, I love and support his vision. WHAT VISION?

This is a comment on "N.J. Obama visit set for Tastee Sub Shop in Edison"
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1 Thursday, 29 July 2010 21:57
Max Fu
i am so happy that i'm not the only realist in this world! people are badmouthing me because i hate Obama without any solid reason. they say i'm the one who is selfish when the ones who don't deserve it are getting benefits over and over again. then this "dad" claimed that his daughter who goes to school with me said that i'm the one going to a community college! it's a shame how a well-educated town like edison is supporting Obama. and by the way, obama is not a socialist! he's more like a communist! he's anti-American and that's who those illogical beings are supporting!
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