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May 22nd
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Early release in IL.

Quinn made a mess on this early release program.My husband got out on early release and ever since it's been a nightmare.He was in for driving on revoked.He spent 9 months in county,then went to Stateville for 2 weeks.They let him out and we didn't know why?He got out in Oct. on home montering and Feb 6 got rearressted on violating parole,which they lied about everything.Went back to Stateville for 1 month and then on to Vienna..On March 25th he went before the PRB and was released immediatly.His parole is up Aug 12th.He know is on intense parole.He has to report 2 times a week and can't work.I am on disability and can't work.There is alot more to this story but he never violated Parole.We are going to loose evrything and this whole ordeal has been a nightmare.He did his time and we keep going back to square 1.Don't have money for a lawyer,doe's any know who we can contact to help us so he can get off this intense parole so he can work?Thank's 01patti


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