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Jul 04th
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electronic detention

Why was the ED removed? My understanding is that the problems were not in those that were on home monitoring, but in those thta were just released early. There is someone I know who has never been in trouble before and is doing time for bouncing two checks because the judge stated she should have known better and wanted to make an example of her. Tell me that is not crap! She has a spotless record and was sent to IDOC. There are many women who are in the work release program that really don't need to be there and could be home on electronic monitoring re-establishing their futures. I think the state needs to take a long look at these women and re-evaluate who should be in the system and who should be home. I noticed they have done an early release the week of july 19th 2010, does that mean there is hope?

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1 Saturday, 24 July 2010 16:51
I Agree Completely!! How many people have bounced a check or more in their lifetime....I know I have! I can't believe they are keeping her in IDOC. That just goes to show you how corupt and un-just our government really is. Yes I also did see on the IDOC website that they did do some early releases this past week....why are they not starting with the appropriate people in the work-release centers. Those are the people that have jobs and have proven themselves so why not let them go? We need to all take a stand in this together! Good luck to your friend and I hope she goes home soon.

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