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Jul 03rd
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Frank LoBiondo's earmarks

This is absurd, criticizing the Congressman for seeking beach replenishment, as if he wouldn't have sought BEACH REPLENISHMENT if he'd lived onshore. How about flat out, blatantly lying to a Courier-Post editorial board interview about his true position on the 2007 Iraq troop surge with my trying in vain to tell Mike Daniels (chief editorial writer) that he's lying again, in real time, with me sitting 12 inches away protesting. See I was his 2010 opponent and I hope to be his 2012 opponent? See ...GET THIS... I actually filed an ethics complaint with the "office of Congressional Ethics" concerning LoBi's corruption of the 2009 AND 2010 election cycle caused by said lie. They will not, have not, given any status updates, maybe because they view me as a punk. So, where do we go from here? Perhaps take a look at my web site.... ....where I just posted a home made spin off of the movie "Caine Mutiny" staring Bogart, Van Johnson and Frank LoBiondo. No one takes me seriously in this very serious business I'm engaged in, therefore I'm entitled to be as snarky as I chose.

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1 Wednesday, 15 February 2012 08:34
black sheep boy
"chose" changed to "choose" and I apologize for any other grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, in advance. thank you. ack, my comment is not being posted because I'm too soon posting after last comment. Blog says "try again"

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