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May 27th
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fuck shabazz

i was incarcerated coming out of prison, and was forced to go to a place called Tully House. Literally forced. This mother fucker that goes by the name al mustafa shabazz is a fuckin employed staff at this fucked up place. he oppresses the people in the facility and most everybody hates his entire role in life, how he hobbles around, how he talks, how he speaks so slow when giving lectures in the gym, how he talks shit, and how we tries to relate with us saying he did 9 years in prison. everyone else is still doing time, how did he get out so fast? suspect! he almost died in the hospitol back last winter when i tried to focus my energy on him because of how disrespectful he chooses to be. now the energy he used to bring to us, has finally come back around. let him die in prison with a life sentence. fuck him, his family, and the weak rooted limbs to his family tree.


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