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May 22nd
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Get your facts right.

"No cable system has ever refunded money for missed games from the 1994 baseball strike" Fixed. Remember, baseball season starts in April and ends in late October or early November, NOT into next year like football, basketball and hockey! And for what's it worth, I would consider a baseball season's television season as part of the previous year's television season (i.e. the baseball strike season would be part of 1993-94 television season). When a television show debuts in a spring month, its considered part of the current television season that started last September, and NOT part of the next television season that starts later that year. For example, the Centurions debuted for five episodes in syndication in April 1986 (when baseball starts up), and was considered part of the 1985-86 season. Next season's episodes (60) was broadcasted from September 1986 to December 1986 as part of (you guessed it) the 1986-87 television season! But in the end, baseball starts in a year and finishes in the same year it started and that's how a baseball season should be referred by. Thus the player's strike season is the 1994 season. Not 1993-94, and especially not 1994-95, but 1994. That is all.


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