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Apr 02nd
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Good work

This is a victory for the law, for separation of church and state, and for common sense. The amount of hate being directed towards this kid is despicable

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1 Monday, 30 January 2012 07:42
Joe Legalist
By placing a covering over this banner, which was written by a STUDENT in the 60's, they have effectively now allowed the GOVERNMENT (a judge) to CENSOR an individuals thoughts and writings. If we allow this in the smallest point, then we must allow censorship in the broad stroke as well. Welcome to 1984, where the Government has the power to censor our vocabulary and the thought police are out to get you.

As for Church and State issues - I've read the establishment clause - which, by the way was overwhelmingly written by Christians. It CLEARLY says that Congress (not local governments) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. This means that they can not hold one religion higher than any other (respecting).

Even if this banner were put there by Congress (which it wasn't), it does NOT promote any single religion above any other. The New York Times incorrectly reported that it said "Our Heavenly Father" - it doesn't, and the word "Amen" simply means "true".

Take that out - and it is a very good phrase to live by. This is no more wrong than the Boy Scout motto of "Do Your Best"... but perhaps we should Censor that too?

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