Here's why there's support for marijuana laws. | Unsorted comments | -- Your State. Your News.

Jul 03rd
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Here's why there's support for marijuana laws.

The reason is the country has been fed a steady diet of taxpayer funded propaganda for over 70 years. The government has used half truth and outright lies to prop up their morally bankrupt laws. The simple and proper solution is to legalize and regulate marijuana exactly as we do alcohol. Kill the Black Market and take distribution away from criminals and put it in the hands of honest, taxpaying, responsible business people. The govt dismisses every study that goes against their dogmatic position. They've taken to being criminally stubborn. Considering the laws were conceived, born and nurtured from lies, racism and greed, it's astonishing how generations of politicians have held it so near to their hearts, especially when they know the truth. Look at the Presidents statements before the election and the position he's taken, after it. There's something fishy about the whole process. Yet we still spend billions of dollars and cage a million Americans annually pursuing this morally bankrupt policy. Dems and Reps, different pages from the same bad book! NYPD, ret. LEAP member


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