Hitler, German Jews, and the contemporary "war-on-terror" | Unsorted comments | NewJerseyNewsroom.com -- Your State. Your News.


Jul 04th
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Hitler, German Jews, and the contemporary "war-on-terror"

Mr. Sabrin is right in his observation that the Hitler regime used the initial measures of humiliating and brutalizing German Jews as the opening wedge for what eventually became an organized program of extermination against them(along with every other group whom the Nazis didn't like)! He is additionally correct in calling to our attention the many similarities between the Nazi government of the '30s and the current government in Washington DC regarding us in their "war-on-terror". especially in airports!! Is it therefore reasonable to infer that the war-on-terror is the beginning of a program for the ienslavement, brutalization, and eventually, the mass extermination of American citizens (of all races) by our oppressors and usurpers in Washington DC? PEACE AND FREEDOM!!


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