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May 25th
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how can we peacefully live as AMERICANS

as americans everyone must understand their limits and not infringe into any community's boundaries whites must appreciate that they are in this country yet after getting rid of natives. blacks must apprecate that majority of the community is being sponsored by govt programs hispanic must appreciate that although mostly illegal they are still earning bread and butter here chinese must appreciate that their new generation is getting a well to do lifestyle which was difficult to achieve back home indians must appreciate american culture and not promote their own culture outside their community if this happens all live in peace but incidents like this can only be avoided if the law and order fixes loopholes of under 18 and easy get away book them until they are 49 so when they are out of jail they realize the cost you have to pay for such a crime and it leads to eye-openers for others who will not think oif doing any slightest of such a case

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1 Tuesday, 27 July 2010 17:27
american culture is a mixture of all cultures. why single out Indian culture? is it because it is peaceful, and not forced on anyone? In fact millions of indians are christian because they were forced to convert or killed. nobody knows indian culture in america, except a few who go to india to learn yoga, vegetarianism, peace, family oriented Divyendu Sinha was walking with his FAMILY. u mr nick was not forced to follow that. Divyendu Sinha was a computer professor and scientist. Now is that Indian culture being taught in america, just because Indians are best at computers? just like saying boxing is African culture. Don't u forget, we all, whites, blacks, chinese, mexicans, indians etc. came here to the "land of milk and honey" to make a living, at the cost of the NATIVES-INDIANS. "UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL". God bless America.

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