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May 24th
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I almost lost my life in Savannah, Georgia

The news of this horrific tragedy hit home for me. It brought back memories of how I managed to survive an attack from 15 black thugs in Savannah, Georgia. I was going to college at the time. I came home late one night around 2 AM in the morning. I parked my car in the parking lot across from the apartment building I was living in. I noticed a group of black teens taking a walk outside of my parking lot before I pulled in. I didn't think anything of it. Looking back, I wish I did think twice about pulling in to that driveway. I got out of my car and two black guys where right outside my door when I closed it. They asked me if I had something...they were using slang that I couldn't understand. I think they said "dough" so I assume it was money they were asking for. Before I could say anything one of the guys punched me in the face and I was knocked out cold. The other guy started wailing on me as well. So I curled up in defense mode. I peeked out from the arms I used to cover my face. I saw the whole group of thugs run around the fence and come in to take turns kicking and punching me while I was on the ground. They were chanting "Kill the motherf**ker". I thought this was it. I was prepared to die. So I immediately thought of God. Now I am not trying to preach here but honestly that thought in itself saved me. For some reason they stopped and ran off. They had my car keys with them. One of the thugs reached into my pockets as I was down on the ground and took it. My glasses were knocked off. My cell phone was missing. It was completely insane. I ran all the way up to my friend's place bleeding in the middle of the night, paranoid that at anytime one of those thugs could pop up behind me and kill me. I got to my friend's house and she called the cops. To make a long story short the cops showed up and did a very poor job of taking down the crime. I asked them if they could get a tow truck to tow my car into the police station or somewhere safe before the thugs come back to steal it. Either they didn't understand or care because they said they didn't do it. If they are there to serve and protect they should have offered to do it. Yet, according to them "Your car is in a safe place. We can't tow it." I looked at them in disbelief and yelled, "Safe?! Look at my face?! You call this safe? I almost got killed!!! Now they are going to steal my car if it's not stolen already! It's just a matter of time!" My friend tried to calm me down. She was unable to comprehend the severity of the tragedy that was bestowed upon me and how shocked I was at the lack of sensitivity presented by the cops. To make a long story short I spent the night in a hospital. I got out early in the morning and spent the rest of day trying to relax under the doctor's orders but I could not stop staring at my car which was sitting in the parking lot waiting to be stolen. I could have told my roommate to slash my tires so that there was no way of it being stolen but when you are on heavy medication after having your head kicked in you aren't even able to think straight. I was spitting out random digits and words....that's what the doctor said would happen. So it was best that I got some rest. I was staring out my window and the last thing I remember is a little black kid with a baseball bat dressed in the same yellow get up that the attackers where wearing. He was hitting the bat against the railing of the fence. My care was behind the fence. I believe it was a signal for the thugs that "the ghost is clear...you can take the car now." I remember stepping outside of my house then looking around and then I thought "No you're just paranoid...try to sleep." I went to sleep. Woke up 20 minutes or so later and my car was gone. The police department did such a terrible job that a detective called my Dad and said that he needed to talk to me. The detective accused me of stealing a car involved in a hit and run and slamming it next to a building. Obviously infuriated, my Dad explained to the detective that it was his son who was nearly beaten to death and had his car stolen. Just goes to show you how bad the justice system can be especially in a backwards town like Savannah, Georgia. These criminals, the ones who harmed Sinha and I, give nothing back to the community. They only take. I saw the killers' myspace sites. They are an embarrassment to all of mankind. Their profiles say it all...how their life ambition is to cause trouble. Their only goal is to ruin other peoples' lives. This is how one of the killers' describes himself and his "friends" in his myspace profile: "I like to chill with mi my three niggaz Cash, Blair,and Shoni. We be up to no good sometimes but neva get cought, but they got my back if anything happens. We all some true "G"'s." This is a wake up call America. My heart goes out to the Sinha family and all their loved ones.


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