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May 23rd
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Interstate Wine Shipments

I just recently moved to NJ from NY and now have difficulty receiving wine from many of the small (under 1000 case) wineries that I have visited personally and established relationships over a 20 year period with the winemakers. If you looked at the numbers, most of the bottles of wine that are shipped across state lines are well over $25 - 30, if not over $100 a bottle. No one that is under 30 or more years of age is going to randomly pay that amount per bottle. MSGold406, if you believe that then you are simply stupid, ignorant or work for a wholesaler. Over 70 years without any major problems.. well, that would depend on what you deem major. How about holding the consumer (that generates 70% of the US economy) hostage. People want choice, not restrictions, the internet has proven it. And to the point that Fred Johnson makes above, nicely said Fred. -D.


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