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Jul 02nd
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Mr. Witherspoon: Whether Coned contracted with Indian Point for 0% or 100% of Indian Point's production would not change the amount of MWh generated at Indian Point that is supplied to customers in Westchester and New York City. The physical flow of energy on the transmission system is not the same as contracts for wholesale energy. The long and the short of this is that counting the MWs contracted to Coned does not fully explain the importance of Indian Point to our region. The NY ISO's 2010 Reliability Needs Assessment states that the closure of Indian Point would lead to "an unacceptable probability of a load shedding occurrence" (Table 4-10). It would be interesting to see a study of the transmission system that demonstrates what would need to be done if Indian Point did close. If you are aware of such a study, could you please post a link to it. Kind Regards


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