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Jul 06th
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Kauffman et al

Contrary to your assertion, I have made no claims. I reported on the decisions of state and federal agencies. If you disagree with their assessment, your argument is with them, not me. Cost Benefit Analysis does not eliminate decisions on closed cycle cooling -- if it is used. In this case, NY DEC used it and concluded the cost was reasonable. If you disagree, argue with them. Ditto your assertions that once through cooling systems have minimal impact on the Hudson River. Convince the state DEC and the NMFS to reverse their decisions and I'll glad write about it. Null-hype's assertion that there is no difference between the 117-foot, bulbous cooling tower Entergy says it is being forced to make, and the 4-story system used at Vermont Yankee is an argument he'll have to make with the DEC, which clearly wrote the distinction in their order. You get them to change it, I'll report it. You will not find a story with my byline advocating the end of nuclear power. But feel free to think what you please -- no matter how wrong.


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