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Jul 06th
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let them free

I would agree to let these non violent offenders free at least with the 35 percent seems to be fair these days , the District Attorney - Judges and I am saying this from experience being I have been employed in the Districat Attorneys office I know how cricket they are they love to lock people up for simple allegations non violent , you should see these sentences that are far beyond expected were talking 6 years first offense to prison for selling a pinch of marijuana yes cricket .. I have seen the letter's from loved ones that need there loved ones out to help support there children and familys - I would say the 35% percent law would be fair to release these inmates back home to there familys to provide for them and take on the responsibility that they need to do rather than sitting free on tax payers hard working money meaning free shelter in jail-prison eating free , showering free while ther wifes are loosing there hard worked for homes for the fact she is unable to work has no child care and ect- the children need the father home the children suffer extremely while there non violent parent is in jail-prison causes problems for the confusion of the child at school a child should not go to school upset ..my point is 35 percent law pass for these in need familys ..highly recomended


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