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Jun 03rd
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mandatory sentences

This is the most stupid law that was ever put on the table. Many prisoners are inside for crimes of addiction. This is not a criminal act, but a health issue. When they do finally get out, they are labeled for their entire life as a felon even after they have paid the price. No wonder so many return as a last resort. They need to be trained to meet life's challenges before and during rehab. It is almost impossible for the average Joe to get a job during this recession, imagine if you had such a strike against. you. My son is getting 25 years at a 45% sentence in this small town in McMinnville, Tennessee. His option is to take this plea or they will send him to Federal Prison where his time could be life. His crime for drugs was almost entirely based on co-defendents turning evidence to get their sentence shortened. This is wrong...Early release after they have had a chance at rehabilition and work programs being offered in the communities for the purpose to help them become prosperous citizens. Instead the family is left to weather the storm and little children grow up without their moms and dad in this case. The system is broken.


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