Millionaires income all time high, charity giving still falling

Monday, 21 June 2010 18:40
1. Millionaires hold a larger percentage of the country's wealth than it did in 2007. 2. Since the 2007 decline the income of the wealthy alone have bounced back (to higher levels). 3. The percent of millionaire income now exceeds the previous historical peak (1928). 4. Charital giving continues to fall. Gov christie says the only reason the Dems want to reinstitute the millionaries tax is to have an issue. Evidently, the Gov forgot he asked the outgoing administration not to institute policy that would affect the incoming administration. Never-the-less, even if correct, Christie's point, for the benefit of the Republican base - the rich - won't help the increasing number of people who feel increasingly tough times or lives are ruined in the transition - the middle and lower class. Indeed, Chritie has placed the burden on those least able to bear the cost.

This is a comment on "N.J. Democrats fail to override Christie veto of restoration of ‘millionaires' tax’"