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Jul 05th
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Mocking Rednecks Isn't Commentary

Deride rednecks all you want Michael if it makes you feel good, but what is your point? You write: "[Costas] is merely pointing out that having such basic laws as background checks enforced could prevent unnecessary gun tragedies from occurring as frequently." Come again? Basic background checks are federal law and are routinely enforced (feel free to go out and try to buy a gun without a bacgkround check in NJ, where you will need to undergo three separate bacgkround checks and a wait of anyehere from 2 months to a year before you can buy a handgun). In any event, Belcher presumably could have and did pass a background check so that issue is irrelevant to this particular tragedy. If you are referring to background checks for private sales, yes I (and many other gun owners) agree that these would be a good idea, but a very, very small percentage of crime guns are actually purchased in private sales where no background check was performed. The problem is that "gun control" advocates like Costas -- and you apparently -- either haven't really thought things through or are speaking out of both sides of their mouths. Costas now claims not to oppose the Second Amendment, yet he wants to make guns "less available". Exactly how can those two positions be reconciled? The Second Amendment ain't about hunting or sports shooting. The essence of the Second Amendment -- as articulated by the Supreme Court -- is the ability and right of law abiding citizens to purchase and possess firearms, including handguns, primarily for the purpose of self-defense. Limiting that right for law abiding citizens (ie those with clean criminal and mental health records) -- either directly or indirectly through the types of red tape and arbitary delays common in the gun permit process in NJ -- is simply not consistent with the Second Amendment. Background checks are fine, but if you are talking about backdoor methods that will make it prohibitively expensive or complicated for people to legally buy firearms, you are essentially seeking to deny people their Second Amendment rights. It really is that simple.


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