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Jul 02nd
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My 2 Cents

So... Gina, please don't kill yourself. I know, you likely weren't planning on it, but you deserve to have someone state as much. I'm not sure what that person was trying to accomplish by posting that ... twice ... but yeah. Also, I feel "stupid" is a fairly inappropriate word in this situation and contributes nothing to society. I can't help but laugh during that Billy Madison scene in someone's comment, but that's because it's hilarious regardless. Now, I only found this article due to a link in another article that references what comment 8 says. Truthfully, it influenced how I read yours. Looking back, however, perhaps the spoiled athlete comment was merely a jest (somewhat in bad taste), or maybe you even meant something else, such as that the contract is lucrative but the results aren't. People seem to be missing that the article isn't about Kovalchuk. Rather, it is another lockout article, which happens to include some comments made one of the Devils' stars about him possibly staying in Russia. Given that you write for NJnewsroom (and because it's about hockey), a fair, though not necessarily true, assumption would be that you are a Devils fan, and maybe his words stung a little, seemed ungrateful, etc. Then again, maybe the "Eli or Victor Cruz . . . unthinkable" statement provides a lighthearted nature with which to interpret your statements about Kovalchuk. ... Or maybe you just don't think he would be missed. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter ... all that matters is that people p*ss me off and make me silently weep in the corners of my mind about the future of society and the ignorant behavior of its members. No, I'm not contributing by saying that, but it's my reasoning, not my message. Message = "you deserve to have someone state [don't kill yourself]" in the comments of your article where someone else has said otherwise, even if you don't care in the slightest that they said it. (The reason the message is limited to that is because I assume part of being a writer entails ignoring people that say "stop writing," without actually critically evaluating whatever they read)


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