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Jul 06th
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my family in prison bc he went to beach for vacation with the family

well it all started a yr ago they came in our house and searched 2 times i thought that was wrong but they didnt find anythng . we just live work take care of our children. 2nd time they came bck in our house he had a lil bit of marijuana i think it was oz or 2 but we where not bothern no one if anythng they are bothern us no crime made . so they lock him up and they try to lock me up too just more money for them its all not fair or just. so we pay money to get us both out. they charged both of us with intent to sell and maintaining and dwelling. I have no record never ben in trouble other then speeding or seat belt . my boyfriend has a record only mistrmnrs. Anyway we hired a lawyer to so call help us since i got charges for sayn the cops there needed to help my friend that was about to pass out in the chair outside in heat and just found out he had sugar probs nd hadnt got meds rite yet for it .so i said yall cant do this its not rite he gonna sit there and pass out one officer told me if i did not shut my mouth i was giong to catch a charge too. so i said something again and that same officer said dats it u gotta charge now . anyway lawyer to get my charge dismissed he says my boyfriend has to take a charge so he plead to what the lawyer said i mean you think they are here to help us . so he gets put on probation and my stuff dismissed. well you think everything is ok but really i just recently i started reading laws and i found out that the lawyers first duties is to the court and 2nd to the public and 3rd not to the client legal encyclopedia, volume , section4. so therefor we pay theses lawyers all this money and the courts for them not to help us. so hes on probation now paying $140 mth and he had to pay taxes on what they took wich ended up being another $400 and im thinking wheres all this money go to ? ok he was the only working at this time he was working like 70 hrs a week so he went all over to work even near the beach so he figured he wud stop and see his family got a ticket so that put him there but he was wrking didnt matter to them. so they want to put a gps on his body i mean what i thought we lived in the land of the free and we have our rights so he didnt want to put gps on him so they violated him locked him up again more money to get out . the judge had told him the second time he saw him " if i see you in my courtroom again your going to prison" his words. so since he didnt put gps on his body he had a court date now in front of same judge hes gone they took him sept26 i havent been able to see him and they keep runing me around. this whole experence has been something and im still reading and learning what rights we do have. and how people can go to prisons for nonviolent crimes suck as mine has . I have came to conclusion that these greedy people are maken too much money by throwen these people in prisons. if you dont belive me look it up for your selves just put in how much state gets paid for every head in prison. you will b soo surpised just like i was. where does al that money go too sure dont go to the prisoners. they get treated like dirt. and when my baby gets out we are going to let even more no bout this. we all have to make a change or our kids are going to have nothing when they get older. i think its all bs and why charge so much for the things we need to live with when the money they give us aint even real itsa promis to pay you. and i will tell you another thing to look up zeitgeist it kinda gave me mixed emotions but all in all i think everyone shud see this .thankyou for your time kinda feels good to let all this out. have a good day im going to try to .


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