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Jul 03rd
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my God,the light has been finally shone.

This chruch has so many problems, there was money taken from the Parishioners to build a family life center and bricks that was purchased to complete the walk way to the new building. That never happen. They had a Trustee that they falsely accused of steal, forcing him to resign. They had so many women being harassed by this man, that hide behind the cloth of God. They had a minister that was inapproiate with the children that they asked him to leave. God bless his wife and my prayers for strengh are with her and the people of the chruch. For those of you that were involved and knew about it shame on you. God wants people to stand up for what is right and even though you think you are standing alone, He is there with you, so don't be afraid. This is not the only chruch but the children of God must stand up for what is right.


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