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Jul 04th
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As an uninformed and uneducated (aka, average) American, I think poor Governor Christine of New Jersey is trying her best to do the right thing. And I don't know who rules Maryland, but I'm sure he's working equally hard to prevent the horror of gay marriage. Let's all be Waterford Crystal clear about what's really going on here: The fate of both Maryland and New Jersey... and the entire earth... hang in the balance. Gay marriage is a cause for great alarm and my very well be the first warning sign of The Rapture. At this very moment, innumerable married gays around the world are committing acts of what I have taken to calling “homoterrorism”. It's true. For example, if a large number of lesbians were to hug one another, it could cause the collapse of the Greek economy. (See. I told you.) To learn more about this important issue, please visit us at

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1 Sunday, 26 February 2012 16:41
A Sellnic
You make some cogent points, mymarriageruinsyours. If gay marriage should become legal in my state, I am fearful that said legalization may push me over the brink and cause me to leave my wife and kids and become gay. Having such an option really scares me. Pretty soon these gay people might start whipping it out without provocation. I think it's high time we start enacting some stop-the-gays-from-whipping-it-out-provocation laws.

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