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Apr 27th
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No Backlash

Daily Mall, I read your blog and is this the best you've got for a zinger? You write, "The conclusion of Mr. Mauro’s simple-minded commentary includes the following question (which is hardly an editorial coup de grâce): “What depth of negativity causes (animal-rights activists) to overtly act with hostility and domination towards people with differing views? An animal-rights activist could just as easily ask: “What depth of (narcissism) causes (Mr. Mauro) to overtly act with hostility and domination towards people with differing views?” Really?? That's akin to an 8 year old saying, "No I'm not, YOU ARE". Your blog represents exactly what Mr. Mauro is talking about. There are activist "leaders" who will go to any extreme, including misrepresenting themselves, their qualifications and their data to get their way. Moreover, these "leaders" have in fact, been tied to organizations which advocate physical harm to other human beings. Yet those who share similar anti-hunting views never bother to verify what they are being told or by whom. As a result, they are being mislead with completely baseless information being represented as fact. Emotions take over and facts are no longer a consideration. So Mr. Mauro suggests we must have compassion for those who are not aware they are being lead like kids to kool aid. You then take issue with Mr. Mauro's credential's, calling him a "charlatan" worthy of the same scrutiny he writes about. Fair enough. Mr. Mauro represented himself as "“chairman and co-founder” of three related organizations and the author of “three books on conservation, hunting and the outdoors.” Yes, those facts are correct. Unlike the so called "activist leaders"; Mr. Mauro is representing himself for what he is. He's not being looked into by the FBI; hasn't made terrorist threats and hasn't presented any facts that cannot be verified. Have you ever looked into the organizations he is involved in or read his books? Are you aware of the indisputable data used in the development of his books? Have you ever looked into the rest of the organization to see how it works and what it does? Have you ever looked beyond an opinion article or are you doing precisely what activists do when they are stumped? Ignore the facts and instead make personal attacks. For example, take the Stop the NJ Black Bear Hunt Facebook page. There are several areas where a hunter politely asks anyone "I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell us what viable, cost effective alternative you propose that will keep the population in balance while at the same time have the added benefit of reducing incidents between humans/bears as was seen in the 2003, 2005 and 2010 hunts." You will not find one answer to the question. That is the crux of the conservationist argument for the bear hunt, but no one seems to be able to comeup with a viable, cost-effective response. Instead, it's reaponded to with emotion. As to "hostility and domination", I interpret that as people wishing death or harm to others (as many activists wish upon hunters in these facebook type pages). If Mauro wanted to be "mean" he would have posted the names of the illicit activists (which I can assure you they are real people), but he did not. Mr. Mauro did not threaten anyone's lives or even interfere with their right to protest. He did not call upon hunters to take action against activists. He expressed his opinion and urged compassion. Yet you compare him to Jim Jones??? I will remind you that Jim Jones lead over 900 people to (in his words) "commit an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.". It is this very type of disgusting comparison which Mr. Mauro would call hostile. My first instinct was to tell you to go drink some more kool aid, but I'll show a little compassion instead.


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