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Jan 26th
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No Homework Ever

I agree with the previous comment, but also disagree. No one cares about what is going on in China. While I think Homework on the weekend is cruel.. especially when their parents can sit home and relax after a week of working but their children can't.. I don't believe there should be ANY homework. It is simply a waste of time to tell a child to work all day and night, no real time to relax. I remember I used to spend hours at night working on worksheets. I was transferred to classes without homework, as part of a program my school was testing. Worked successfully. I put my kids in a similar program. Kids need to pay attention. That is it. They don't need to go home and work all day and night. They need to pay attention to what their instructor is saying. Once they do that, they can go home and be rewarded with relaxation or family time. Studying is crucial, I agree (although I never really studied..).. But there's a difference between studying and doing homework. Homework is just busy work.


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