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Jul 01st
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not out of the loop Mr. 908

The article says that a poll was done and 76% of residents like this idea. I can't remember the last time 3/4 of New Jersey agreed on anything. I'd still go to my local liquor store when I need items for a party or if I'm going out solely for the express purpose of buying alcohol. But if I'm looking for a bottle of wine or some beer with dinner, I see nothing wrong with being able to buy that while I'm buying my dinner. That's what my friends that live in other states get to do. I'm tired of my property taxes paying for everything in this state. Let's find some new revenue buy increasing alcohol sales and selling some more liquor licenses. If my town doesn't raise my property tax bill all because a supermarket gets to open a liquor store, I'm all for it. Its about time the public sector caught up with the private sector and stopped protecting every little fiefdom.


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