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Jul 02nd
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NY Islanders moving to Barclays Center in 2015?

I have to disagree with NJFAN2010 and Net Income on this issue. While true the NHL could not get in the Barclays Center as designed now, Bruce Ratner, the majority owner of the Barclays Center, said back in late 2009, before construction started, that the Barclays Center would be retrofitted to accomodate NHL Hockey and would welcome the Islanders into that building. Brooklyn is definitely in play here and IMO, is the favorite right now to get the Islanders once the lease at the Nassau Coliseum is up in 2015. They will have Hockey in the Barclays Center (College Hockey). Its very possible that an Islanders move to Brooklyn is very real and it can fit if its going to be retrofitted as Ratner has already gone on record saying he would do. 14,500 for NHL Hockey can work in the Barclays Center, as Brooklyn is part of Long Island (Very Western end).


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