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Jan 27th
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One day...

One day this girl will grow up and realize that arguing over something so petty isn't worth her efforts. There are wars, famine, disease, and hunger spreading rampant around the world. Many folks who stand on their self-created pedestals in this country (and others) should take a step down and look at the wider world around them (including in the most underserved areas of our own country). Maybe then we would see less self-centered and self-obsessed individuals in this world and more community-minded people spending their time and effort truly helping people overcome the evils in this world... instead of covering up a silly banner.

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3 Sunday, 29 January 2012 05:50
There are always extremists they are found literally everywhere. Anyone who kills or persecutes others isnt a Chritian. Actions are what matter not words. What about all the babies murded by abortionists or victems of secular regimes such as Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany. Get real Chritianity isn't evil, Jesus isn't evil, Men are evil.
2 Saturday, 28 January 2012 22:03
The reason for most of the war, famine, disease and hunger can be traced back to the control of various religions over the world's governments. People are so brainwashed by their beliefs they don't realize they're as "EVIL" as every other religion in the world. Rick Santorum said he doesn't want Iran to have nuclear capabilities because they are a theocracy while at the same time he is trying to force his theological ideology on the rest of this country.
1 Saturday, 28 January 2012 19:44
One of the evils to be overcome by people like J.A. are the religious fanatics who threaten death to anyone who chooses not to believe. This is not a self-centered individualist goal. This is saving the community from religious bloodshed via a.k.a. the inquisition/jihad's from the current crop of over zealous religious people.

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